Films that count include videos made by humanitarian charities

A collection of films that all convey important humanitarian messages

Hope and Aid Direct sends aid to Syria
On Friday and Saturday (7th & 8th ) December, three Hope and Aid trucks set out to collect loads from various parts of the country for the container that we are loading to go out to refugee camps, field hospitals and displaced persons in war ravaged Syria.

Roddy Philip drove down from Scotland to load our big rig 'Solent Challenger' with pallets of duvets, shoes and other items from our base at Shrubbery Farm, and then proceeded to collect items at Leicester and Peterborough before going to Wellingborough where we were going to load the container.
Meanwhile, Chas in 'Robin Hood' went to Smile International in Kent to pick up medical and first aid supplies before meeting up at Slough with John in 'Seadog,' who had brought 3 pallets of clothing up from Southampton and loaded all the aid that was sorted previously in Slough by our generous volunteers at Toms warehouse. 'Sea Dog' and 'Robin Hood' then drove up to Wellingborough and overnighted in the comfort of the Ibis hotel, where they met Roddy..

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny but cold and all three trucks went to Bob Parfit's Refugee Aid warehouse. The 40ft container turned up at 9am and Roddy began unloading the big rig. Volunteers from Hand in Hand for Syria arrived together with Bev and Janet. We all then set about the strenuous task of transferring everything from the trucks and hand packing into the container. Not an inch of space was wasted and the container doors eventually shut and sealed at around 1.00pm. A BBC film crew spent over 3 hours filming the whole operation and interviewing both Hand in Hand for Syria, and HaAD volunteers.
The container will leave Felixstowe on ship this week and arrive in Port Mersin, Turkey in the 1st week of January where it will be taken by truck to a point close to the Syrian border, and have its contents transferred into small vehicles for taking into Syria by local Hand in Hand for Syria volunteers. Chas will be flying out to Turkey to do his usual 'shepherding' of the container through Customs and onto its point of destination inside Turkey, to see it unloaded and sent into Syria.

Once again, Hope and Aid Direct IS making a difference, for which we want to thank all of our wonderful volunteers and donors.

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Roma children deported from Germany to Kosovo into poverty and no school
A video by Antony Butts on Vimeo.

Antony Butts has made an observational video on Roma children deported from Germany.

Despite numerous media campaigns in Germany, children are still being deported into conditions as shown in this video.
It must be stopped.

This video shows the conditions in which two brothers are now existing with their mother in a Kosovo communal camp. The boys were borne in Germany and only speak German, they had enjoyed a good standard of education in German schools but have not been able to continue their education since being deported. The situation for them is possibly worse than those who have lived all their lives in these terrible conditions. This is so cruel, and no one seems to care, they are just two of the many German borne children of Roma refugee parents, that now find themselves in similar camps in Kosovo.
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